Hospitality is an organic trait that flows from the host’s presence and chef’s fingers right into the guest’s heart. Mr. Jayaram Banan has been doing so for more than two decades and now inculcating this philosophy into daily operations, has come to establish a brand that epitomizes the best of authentic Indian food and hospitality, JRB Foods.

With over two and a half decades of serving up flavourful excellence on a thali, JRB endeavours to recreate the success of Sagar Ratna and Swagath, its flagship restaurants, with a foray into packaged snacks. Offering a blend of innovative bite-size goodies to traditional titbits, JRB seeks to turn snack-time into fun time with a little something for everyone.

Bringing the wholesome goodness of Indian cuisine to the corporate world, JRB also powers corporate canteens with deliciously nourishing meals, while upholding international standards of hygiene.

Staying true to its identity, while evolving with the times, the JRB Group branches out to build a global presence with its restaurant and hotel chains, delivering authentic Indian flavours, on platters of dependable excellence, served with a good helping of true-to-its name Indian hospitality.